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  1. IB,I hear you about Beck and Rush, although do read both at times on certain subjects. There’s also disappointment with Hannity, at least on TV. There is no question that these people are subject to the temptation of money and publicity and tailor their commentary accordingly. (“ratings”, as Mr. Bill would say)

  2. Har ikke vært innom bloggen din på en stund men veldig lurt at jeg gjorde det i dag for denne retten skal jeg prøve Har noen pølser jeg må bruke opp så det passer perfekt..Leiligheten din ser ut til å bli lekker!! Gangen var kanonfin og jeg elsker ordene på veggen Lykke til med prosjekt inn i kjole før ball Jeg har prosjekt ned noen kg før London tur i mai.Ha en flott dagAnette[]

  3. Razor, you appear to be a city boy so let me explain in case you don’t get this (an astonishing number of people don’t, btw; I am not being insulting): a dog whistle is a special whistle pitched at a frequency human beings can’t hear but dogs can. So it is, by definition, inaudible to the creatures whose ears it was not designed for, but audible to the creatures whose ears it was, and who know they are being summoned when someone blows on it. The invidiousness of dog-whistling in the political context is, as Tigtog points out, that it is plausibly deniable. As in ‘What are you talking about, I can’t hear a thing.’

  4. I think the only question with these fanatics is when and where and not should I blow myself and others up. It is not the individual, it is the religion that is the problem and the sooner people realize this the sooner we can began to find a solution. I think we know what that is.

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  6. Great post. Thank you! Just as an aside, I offer several other film titles as effective representations of thenarsissistic mother / female narcissistic personality disorder.A PATCH OF BLUE ; LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE; NOW VOYAGER;THE RAZER’S EDGE; TERMS OF ENDEARMENT; LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN; GEORGI GIRL; MONSTER IN LAW; DARLING; THE GREAT GATSBY; OH, YES..CINDERELLA.

  7. Then, the source of the powers will have enormous effects on the tale. A neutral source will allow vast moral conflicts; a divine one will cause the powers to cut off probably with wrongdoing, and certainly whenever God deems it better that the character no longer have them; a diabolic one will logically corrupt (even if only by leading the character to believe that his work with them is harmless).

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  11. The Voter Information Packet that came in the mail to my house a week before the election had clear sections addressing “Arguments For” and “Arguments Against” both propositions that we were voting on in this election. I’m sorry Mr. Fetterman missed it; I thought it was very helpful.

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  13. Your Kato clay experience is very typical Pam. The link by my name will take you to a discussion where you will see that even Dona Kato herself has driven over her clay with a car to soften it up. Now that’s some hard clay!Those radish earrings are cool aren’t they. My tribute to Luna Lovegood of Harry Potter Fame. For anyone who has not seen today’s “5th Friday” video, those radish earrings that Pam mentioned are in the video near the end of the presentation. Here is the link:

  14. No, you have to catch it, or rather, learn the behaviors and emotional states which produce it, from Zionists. As to what proportion of Jewish religious education is actually a Zionist indoctrination, and training in producing ziocaine, I have no idea. Mine sure wasn’t, but I got most of it before the ’67 war, in which the Israelis apparently discovered hitherto unexplored and limitless reserves of it.

  15. Aquí la única que aún limpia de rodillas y raspando el suelo mientras le da por **** el butanero es tu **** madre, pedazo de sabandija. Me cago en todas las ***** mujeres de tu ******* familia, y maldita tu **** madre que te parió, porque tenía que haber cerrado las piernas y así no hubieras nacido. Hala machote, eso es insultar y faltar el respeto. Ahí queda eso.

  16. Bonsoir Niao,Merci de ta visite sur le blog.Ecris si tu veux, au moins tu as des idées ! … du moment que tu respectes l’oeuvre initiale de J.K. Rowling… bref tu nous tiens au courant, je suis intéressé de lire « un jeune cancre qui aime rêver ».Quant au septième tome, laissons l’auteur l’écrire. On verra bien à sa sortie…

  17. The Schoolhouse Restaurant is wonderful! So charming! They serve a great menu which often offers dishes that are comprised with their own herbs and vegetables grown from their garden. Great day trip for a special lunch. Thanks for the reminder Ann!

  18. hola soy rommel vivo en ecuador y desde un par de meses estoy en buenos aires por motivos de estudios estare aqui dos años asi que desesperado por encontrar alguien que me guie como cocinar algo de mi tierra encontre este sitio que me parece divino, vi la foto del arroz con menestra y casi me el monitor espero que me salga igual que en la receta y sigan poniendo mas platos tipicos de mi lindo ecuador

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  20. OK i am a conservative republician and i dont even believe in global warmin. Mother nature is doing 98% of global warming and we are doing the other 2% so all those freaks that say that we caused global warming are wrong, i believe that we should do things like recycle but dont go to crazy, and they say that were running out of oil, well we still have enough oil for the next 100,000 years.

  21. How awesome to get all the cool clothes and hats. Do you know if you will be in Phoenix for Christmas? There is a cancer family gathering toys but I didn’t give them Ronan’s name since you were going to New York. I’d love to pass his info to them if you’ll be in Phoenix

  22. Dear Mr. Swain,First off I would like to comment that your book is extremely interesting. It was a little slow at first, but it was needed to introduce the exciting events like those is chapter 21. My question is regarding the naming of the company Vanguard. I know a company right now exists with the same name that is into banking. Why did you choose Vanguard? Thank you!

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  24. If someone is committing sexual perversion and they are working in an environment where that behavior is harmful, then they shouldn’t be allowed that occupation. Adoption should be giving a child both a mother and a father. Protest, slurs, name-calling etc are not fines, forced acceptance, or the like.Just being homosexual doesn’t hurt anyone, but when you want to force people to accept your behavior or else be punished for it, then you are no longer practicing the tolerance you demand.

  25. Io invece oggi mi buttai sul muto i western di S. Hart e Queen Elizabeth. E fino a pochi minuti fa ero nella “splendida cornice” di piazza maggiore a vedere Novecento. Solo che in questi giorni non ho tempo di postare, probabilmente farò un post riassuntivo alla fine.Ciaoo Rob

  26. Bridgit, you have such a sweet purpose and I’m sure your readers appreciate the way it comes across in your blog. Thanks so very much for your kind words of endorsement and for being part of the tour. I hope lots of people will enter and will also get the book free while they can on Kindle.Bold Blessings,Diane

  27. Thank you for this. I liked it very much. Simple. Honest. To the point. (.. & without scare tactics.)PS: I like that you used “consequences” in the title. I wish I had not used that word so much with our kids.

  28. you shouldn’t hold up your book *at all* (WANA, Bob Meyer, et al) — that you should adopt a service attitude and a philosophy of friendship and the sales will naturally follow.I’m still trying to figure out exactly what works. I only know the old paradigms don’t, and I’m scraping off a lot of rust these days.Cheers,TracyTracy Cooper-Posey recently posted..

  29. Strange…can’t see anyone criticizing your poetry unless they somehow fear it is about them. People always take things about them personally negative even when a poet was trying to say something good it seems.But I understand the impact. I fear the day someone decides to say something critiquey, or even ::shudders:: mean. It will take a lot to not just pack up shop. It’s winter…time for the death of the old to make room for the new. Hope your new is wonderful and soon

  30. Sometimes you gotta take some time off. Heck, I still don’t fully understand my current job, a week is not nearly enough time to learn the ropes. At least you get a real office! I don’t even have a cube. Stupid open office layouts.

  31. You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe something like this exists on the internet! Its so true, so honest, and more than that you dont sound like an idiot! Finally, someone who knows how to talk about a subject without sounding like a kid who didnt get that bike he wanted for Christmas.

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  33. There is a long scary dirt road across from my house. A man hung himself out there several years ago. Sad, but now everyone thinks its haunted. If you Really want to scare someone take them out there. People swear you can still see him hanging. I hate it because I actually drive by the place for 2 days and all I noticed was a car. We called police and they found him. I still have to travel this road daily, but never after dark!

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  39. This is very interesting. While Jesus’ audience may have understood that leg breaking was implied, have there any references that indicate that this is the correct interpretation? I’ve heard of nothing but the sentimental, ‘nice’ Jesus version. Any help would be appreciated.

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  44. Great site! I live in Central Georgia where there are no prairies, but fragmented tiny grasslands scattered between mixed pine/oak woodlots, pine plantations, and agricultural land. I have an interest in grassland plants as well as the butterflies and moths that inhabit them. I hope to visit a real prairie one of these days. Keep up the good work!

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  47. I hope to see one of these mandala’s being made one day. To create something so lovely and then to tear it apart. What a lesson in letting go. I guess that’s what life does ultimately–creates all this stuff then sweeps it all away.

  48. ^ I only had to listen to a handful of Term’s songs to figure that dude is hella nice with the wordplay, but doesn’t have much in the way of personality to distinguish him from the rest of the pack.& as far as Ness vs. Mysonne? i dunno, mang…I think Ness got ‘imthe camcorder audio was gettin’ my nerves though, so I stopped watching in the middle

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  50. · i just went grocery shopping yesterday, the entire time thinking “less than 2 weeks until wedding = do NOT want to cook.” i bought stuff for simple salads, omelets, easy pastas. sometimes we NEED these no-brainer meals just to stay sane, ya know?

  51. Thanks! Well, I'm sure you could just use pencil. I geeked out and made dots in circle and square shapes in Illustrator and then printed them out. It just occurred to me though, that graph paper could works well for this project too.Thanks for dropping by Bec.: )jackie.

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  55. wow………..Jeff and Ingrid…….what a beautiful baby Ella is…those big blue eyes just takes my breath away………and that little smile……she’s got my 1st and 2nd initials…….almost born on by b-day which of course is 24……thanks for sharing the photos and lQQkin forward to more…. take care and god be with you all. Evelyn S. from Arkansas

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  57. How awesome is David Baumgart?! As a woman who was into gaming before Berners-Lee created this precious gem called www, I was (fortunately) able to develop my geek girl self esteem before the misogynistic masses voiced their medieval opinions. I feel sad for girls who are turned off gaming by boys’ behavior now. Ah, the good old times. (Mind you, I wouldn’t have been allowed to marry my wife back then so I’m be glad it’s 2012. )Anyway: I’d love to win this. My steam ID is .

  58. Y lo peor de todo es que no sabemos si el/la que salga elegido/a proximamente, le ande a la zaga.Porque por aquellos lares andan un poco “perdíos” y lo que habrá será una continuidad de esa política para la que ya ni encuentro adjetivos para calificarla.Estos yankis van de culo como “san patrás”¡Buen fin de semana!Salud

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  67. Ohyes. The familiar fear of greeting and sitting with our deepest desires for fear that… we can’t realize them. But as you so beautifully stated, though we are free from the risk of a broken heart, we can be certain that heart will never know deep love, either. Similarly, in shielding our eyes from the brightness of our dreams, we will never feel their warmth on our skin and in our bellies. Like Elizabeth, I think I need a long hot bath and my journal. Mmm.Thank you for this gorgeousness, Randi. You are a gem.xo,Heather

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  77. tracey · Hi Gabrielle – Oh yes! I hate it when the sheets and blankets conspire to leave my toes exposed – I’m sensitive to the cold at the best of times! My husband has trouble with the sheet liking to wrap around his upper body and ‘pinning’ him to the bed … oh dear! I love Wallace & Gromit too … “No cheese, Gromit. Not a bit in the house.”

  78. Yeah, politics definitely brings out the best and worst in people. (Including in myself.) But you’re right– there is so much to be gained by being involved in the conversation in a wise way. You hit the nail on the head for me as to why I like immersing myself in the subculture of the “other”; when I see how their politics influence their integrity and level of compassion (whether positively or negatively), it turns a mirror to myself and my own behaviors and opinions.

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  80. Dearest Cookie,When I close my eyes I can hear your distinct laugh and voice, your encouraging smile, your excited sparkle in your eyes when you feel a problem or an issue has been solved ( ofcourse HR related:)) and your (and Dave’s)enthusiasm for all things adventurous. Our love and well wishes to you, keep strong, our prayers to you, arch and tim

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  247. I loved and was mightily impressed by your thoughtful answers. My first computer was an Apple GS 2 in an elementary school. The schools didn’t know what to do with them, and had the teachers (me!) trying to teach programming to the kids. It was, of course, a totally useless activity at that time. I am sure the kids who survived that program ended up working for Jobs or Gates. The rest are happy just texting their friends today. I hope you had a good time with my Cousin Aaron at CSL.

  248. Bravo, Tommy. Never give in, and those with a love of liberty will stand up with you.Less props for, "anyone who hates people because of their religion is a bigot and has no place on my show…" and no props for, "or in public discourse." It is proper to identify bigots as bigots, and reasonable to refuse to associate with them, but bigotry is not a crime sufficient to deny people the right to express themselves. "It's called freedom of speech" is a better line.

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