Introducing Shadowproof

In the beginning of August, my colleague Kevin Gosztola and I started a news organization called Shadowproof.

Check out our announcement post for more information:

Over the past decade at Firedoglake, we have had the privilege of being on the front lines of many critical reporting and advocacy projects. FDL’s work brought attention to and supported marijuana legalization, the Occupy movement, Keystone XL pipeline protests, Hurricane Sandy relief, Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks, and John Kiriakou—just to name a few.

Today marks a new chapter. We are very pleased to introduce Shadowproof, a new independent press organization determined to support a diverse range of young freelance journalists and contributors exposing abuses of power in government and business. Shadowproof will shine light into the dark places where corruption hides, and elevate the voices of individuals who normally go unheard.

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